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Wastewater discharged from dyeing units
contains heavy metals that contaminate rivers 
and groundwater But in both the districts the units and CETPs kept flouting the order till the courts threatened them with closure. In 2011, the Madras High Court ordered closure of 743 units and CETPs in Tiruppur unless they opted ZLD technologies. After the order, about 450 units set up ZLD system in their 20 CETPs, while about 150 units adopted ZLD technologies in their individual treatment plants. “The units in Tiruppur have strictly followed ZLD in the past seven years and no water is being discharged into the Noyyal river. Moreover, the demand for freshwater has reduced remarkably in the district while the water table has swelled,” says T R Vijaya Kumar, managing director of CBC Fashions (Asia) Pvt Ltd, a textile dyeing company based in Tiruppur. These results are also substantiated by 2030 Water Scarcity Group, a public- private-civil society collaboration, which says that the municipal water demand of the units has reduced by over 0.87 million cubic metres a year since they adopted ZLD. “Similarly, in Barmer, the units have installed ZLD systems in all six CETPs. Since the drive to adopt ZLD started only about six years ago it is too soon to gauge the results,” says Digvijay Singh Jasol, advocate at the Rajasthan High Court, who filed the petition against discharges in the Luni river. NGT too is ensuring that the units follow the rules on discharge by conducting regular inspection.

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